Q: How do I participate in the Crowdsale?

            A: Please see the following video guides outlining the steps required to participate in our Crowdsale.

            WolfpackBOT | Account Creation

            This quick video guide summarizes how easy it is to create a WolfpackBOT account.

            WolfpackBOT | Creating a WolfpackBOT Order (securing your Wolfcoin)

            This quick video guide outlines how easy it is to secure your Wolfcoin (WOLF) during the WolfpackBOT Crowdsale by creating an order for a WolfpackBOT subscription.

            WolfpackBOT | Installing the Wolfcoin Core Wallet

            This simple and informative video guide illustrates how easy it is to download, install, and synchronize the WolfpackBOT Wolfcoin Core Wallet.

            WolfpackBOT | Receiving Wolfcoin (WOLF) Orders

            This straightforward video guide displays how easy it is to generate a receiving address for a  WolfpackBOT Wallet and successfully receive WOLF from a WolfpackBOT order.

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